Lucas Kukler Illustrator

Tel: +20 (0)101 31 88366
Introduction              Nederlandse Introductie

Kukler Architectural Illustration & Design is an artistic studio established by Lucas Kukler. It has been providing diverse artist impressions, architectural perspectives and illustrative graphics since 1997.

Originally from The Netherlands, Lucas and the studio operate internationally, successfully serving clients across the globe; from Africa and Europe to New Zealand and the Pacific.

Clients include architects, landscape designers, property developers and municipalities, postal services and individuals.


The studio combines the appealing traditional art skills (hand-drawings, pencils and paints) with the flexibility and practicality of conventional (digital) styles, giving rise to exciting and dynamic imagery with personality.

The mastering of the basic fundamentals of perspective drawing, sketching and graphic design together with the ability to control the chosen medium is a cornerstone to these works.
Adopting a flexible approach to assignments, techniques and forms of expression shows itself in a diverse portfolio.

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